If the mobile phone is the center of your world this piece of information might just be of the peak importance to you. Virgin Media has just offered customers this opportunity to make your cellular life absolutely unlimited. According to the company’s new unlimited scheme, their customers can make unlimited free call to other Virgin users, unlimited free calls to other service users and unlimited free access to internet users.

Of course the point is that all good things do not come for free so there are actually two points in the fine print that makes this offer not so too-good-to-be-true. Firstly, the cost of the scheme is set at a pricy £65 every month, if this doesn’t dilute your enthusiasm a little what’ll further dilute it is the fact that to avail of this offer you must already be a subscriber to either a television, broadband or landline services of virgin Media.

On further and closer scrutiny of the plan one would soon realize that the “unlimited” tag is in fact not that true after all. The fact is that Virgin like to define its own words, therefore unlimited to them seems to be bound by their “fair use” Policy. According to this policy, Virgin deems it only fair that unlimited be defined as 3000. Thus means that you can make 300minutes of calls to other Virgin phones, 3000 minutes worth of calls to other networks and send 3000 text messages and use up 1GB of data while browsing on the internet for free.

Apart from this twist to the dictionary definition of the word “unlimited” the offer seems to pretty good to us mere mortals. Therefore the offer is actually a great one even though the browsing on the net for free up to 1GB seems pretty paltry. In any case the scheme only sounds like they are trying to trick us out of our unlimited worth but the fact is that it is impossible for an individual subscriber to use up all the free minutes and texts and thus Virgin media might not be cheating us after all. Apart from this attractive offer the service also offers some very attractive phone devices to choose from; among these are the latest Samsung Jet and the new Nokia N86.